Assignment #2

The Artists Gain Power as the Industry Dies

digital revolution

This film is so well made, so well edited and fantastically shot that it should be put into other category of documentary film making. The film consist of several interviews with different journalist, artist’s and producers (film & music mainly) who discuss their field of work, and how the media revolution is upon us. The mystery behind films and music being made no longer exists, “The audience is now the artist” and the industry has vanished because everyone is the producer of their own music. There is no need for music labels, sound producers or expensive equipment because with the advances in our technology the studio has become the bedroom and the artist alone can create, produce and distribute his/her work easily.  There are several so called “chapters” in this film where different subtitles are introduced and ideas from opposing points of view are elaborated on. The world of art is in constant “global masturbation” stated the film, that the worlds supply of creativity is unlimited but the worthy art, the truly amazing talent is hidden away under all the other noise. Olafur Arnalds a classical/electronic/pop artist is followed and interviewed many times, talking about the separation of musical genres and the people within these different types of music. He along with Moby another artist interviewed discuss how the artist’s are now collaborating with the audience, feeding of each others ideas, because good ideas spread fast. Another point brought up is the negativity attributed with these free access softwares for downloading music, and how the making of music has lost it’s value. One used to need talent in order to become a professional musician, there were no pitch perfect filters but rather what you did was what was heard, live or on the CD. Therefore now talent is not necessary, now what is needed is money and the right equipment to produce what took musicians months to do in the past is now made in one day.  CD’s have also disappeared as the main source to obtain the music and now CD’s are seen as a sign of a true fan, a fan committed to his/her artist so much that they will pay for their CD instead of downloading it free of charge online. The film is trying to objectively look at the digital revolution, this is not possible. The film goes within the revolution, inside the so called industries because looking at the revolution from a 3rd person point of view is impossible, because we are all apart of it. Whether a major influence or barely affected by the revolution we all are digital in some way or another therefore this digital revolution is automatically integrated into our lives. At the end of this film I am not let down, I feel like all the POV’s, interviews and footage needed was shown and that the movies point was made. The films main strength I notice is in it’s fluidity, how the films quickly skips from one interview to the next, voiceover’s play while HD footage is shown and the film moves along at a smooth pace. Being a young musician and film maker I was tore left and right while watching this  movie. I was excited, angry, happy, amazed and inspired, very inspired to pursue my dreams in the arts because of the several interviews with people like me, in my field of art discussing their journey’s and how the digital revolution is upon us. This film excited me, got me thinking about my future and the future of technology.


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    Engaging ideas and critical review with a personal angle. Name the film, director producer, year of production at top of article. Break down paragraphs and give your material space to breath. Excellent reference. 89

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