The Concrete Canvas

Check out my new blog! The Concrete Canvas will provide skateboarders with a blog where they can share their stories (negative or positive), shootout to others to skateboard together and read interesting articles about skateboarding and the world within a sport hated by society.


My Blog!

I love photography and every aspect of it. Whether I’m analysis others work or taking photos of my own I enjoy the art form very much. Filled with emotional connections and metaphorical meanings, photos don’t need words, they can tell a story on their own. Journalistically photos are essential when giving the viewer the “whole story” and therefore articles & photos are seamlessly put together. These photos & articles are known to us as always being put together in the newspaper or in magazines but a new age is on the rise, there is a new era in journalism. Electronic journalism, online newspapers, or blogging is known by many and on this blog is exactly what I will be doing. PicassaWebAlbum1